Who Are We?

The Essential Oils Producers Association of Australia was inaugurated in 1994 with the objective of promoting and facilitating the production of essential oils and allied products in Australia by bringing together all parties working in this field, e.g. growers of essential oil bearing crops, producers of essential oils, firms trading in essential oils, researchers engaged in the study of the agronomic aspects of the commercial growing … more

About The Industry

The essential oils industry traces all the way back to November 1788, some ten months after the establishment of the colony of New South Wales, with the steam distilled leaf oil of the Sydney peppermint gum, Eucalyptus piperita, was sent to England by John White, Surgeon-General to the Colony, thus laying claim to being the first useful natural product produced in Australia.  In 1852, at the prompting of the botanist … more


Full Membership is for producers and distributors of plant material for the production of … more

Associate Membership is for consultants, non-commercial institutes, researchers … more

Honorary Membership is by invitation only.

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